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Course Title Focus Course Type Body
Best Practices: Rave Labs and Batch Uploader
Rave EDC (Legacy)
Instructor-led Classroom

This course reviews and introduces best practices for collecting lab data in Rave, as well as best practices for configuring the Batch Uploader for data loading into Rave.

Part one of the workshop focuses on labs, and teaches best practices for when and how to implement the three lab-data-collection options in Rave. Attendees will learn best practices for:

BOXI to BO4 Upgrade eLearning
Rave EDC (Legacy)

This short eLearning course explains the new features and enhancements rolled out in the latest release cycle.

Specifically, it covers:

  • Browser Requirements
  • New Launch Pad
  • BOXI to BO4 Comparison
  • Modifying a report in BO4
Business Objects 4.1 (BO4) Workshop for Rave
Rave EDC (Legacy)
Instructor-led Classroom, Instructor-led Web-based

In this BO4 Workshop, attendees are introduced to ad hoc reporting using the Business Objects reporting tool. The course provides Rave end users with the concepts required for basic ad hoc reporting using BO4. Attendees will learn how to access the Business Objects tool through Rave and will learn basic techniques necessary to create, run and view simple ad hoc reports.

The course will then progress into usage of the BO4 Web Intelligence tool and the data available in BO4 via the Rave Universe. Attendees will also learn how to publish BO4 reports in Rave.

Classic Rave Essentials for PMS Physicians
Rave EDC (Legacy)

This training course is designed for investigators participating in post-marketing surveillance (PMS) clinical trials. It covers data-entry and query-response methods using the EDC module in Classic Rave and the Rave PMS Patient Dashboard.

This course is compatible with mobile devices.

Attendees will study the following:

  • Login and home page
  • How to enter and modify data
  • How to respond to inquiries
  • How to enter your electronic signature

Training in Japanese only. This course is provided only through iMedidata.

Cloud Administration Release Training 2016.1.0
Rave EDC (Legacy)

This Release training briefly covers the new features and enhancements that have been added to Cloud Administration in the 2016.1.0 release. In this release training, you will review updates to client division users and user management, eLearning blocking updates and enhancements to configuring and managing roles and permissions.

Coding Verbatim Terms in Medidata Coder
Rave Coder
Instructor-led Web-based

Coder is a product that is accessed via iMedidata where it transforms verbatim terms, entered into Rave/EDC system, to standardized codes using coding dictionaries and synonym lists available in Coder. This course provides training and practice for the coding specialist who will access Coder, navigate among the various pages/tabs, and match the verbatim terms with standard dictionary codes.

CSA Release Training 2016 1.0
Edge Central Monitoring

This training briefly covers the new feature and enhancements that have been added to the Centralized Statistical Analytics (CSA) 2016 1.0 release.

The training reviews the feature updates for the Key Risk indicator (KRI) table and the Oneview table.

CTMS 2015.2.0 Release Training

This video explains the latest enhancements in the CTMS 2015.2.0 release.

Specifically it covers:

  • iMedidata Integration Enhancements
  • Deviation Enhancements
  • Text Editor Enhancements and Unsaved Data Warnings
  • CRF Based Payments Enhancements
  • Configurable Letters Enhancements
  • Veeva Vault Enhancements
CTMS Release Training 2016.1.0

This Release training briefly covers the new features and enhancements that have been added to CTMS in the 2016.1.0 release.

In this release training, you will review updates to the CTMS integration dashboard, integration log enhancements, and protocol deviation report.

CTMS Release Training 2016.2.0

In this training, you will briefly cover the new features and enhancements that have been added to the release.

This release training reviews:

  • Generating a Request for Invoice Report in Medidata Payments
  • Global Payment Disbursement in Medidata Payments
  • Converting Costs Into Payee Currency
  • Authentication support for IDP eSignatures.