Patient Cloud

Medidata Patient Cloud: Powering Your Digital Strategy

Medidata Patient Cloud® is a comprehensive and regulatory compliant mobile health (mHealth) solution that accelerates patient-centric clinical research. Patient Cloud enables sponsors to use sensors and apps that capture a richer, more complete dataset directly from the patient, improving the clinical trial experience on the Medidata Clinical Cloud.

Patient Cloud offers unprecedented visibility into the patient journey and experience, providing researchers a clearer, more nuanced picture of a therapy’s safety and efficacy. Patient Cloud incorporates technologies for patient data capture and services that help propel sponsors’ mHealth studies.

Developing a Clinical Digital Strategy 

Medidata understands the challenge and importance of safely and efficiently moving your clinical trials through regulatory pathways to market: over half of the world’s trials are run on the Medidata Clinical Cloud. By developing a digital strategy on Medidata’s platform, you can leverage and maximize the world’s leading technology to enhance your clinical development programs. 

Our team supports you throughout the trial, ensuring you derive the greatest value from the digital technologies that are transforming our industry. We can identify the best devices, handle provisioning, provide device training and customer support for sites and patients, and migrate your paper surveys to electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO). Medidata offers comprehensive mHealth consulting to build your study and custom data analytics to better monitor your investment. 

Real-world data elevates your trial through a combination of objective, real-time and continuous information from apps and sensors, supported by SensorLink, AppConnect, and ePRO’s subjective data flowing directly from patients. 

As your data enters our platform, your trial becomes equipped with a powerful combination: data analysis and visualization dashboards that seamlessly integrate everything into the Medidata Clinical Cloud. Data ingestion and cloud storage is scalable and flexible for your trial needs, and a complete, unified and regulatory-compliant audit trail is also available for your convenience. After all, a digital strategy only works if it fits into your overall clinical development strategy. 

Medidata Patient Cloud: a Smarter Solution for mHealth Trials

Medidata Patient Cloud is an mhealth solution for collecting and analyzing patient-centric and regulatory compliant data for clinical research. Discover more about the three ways we integrate data into the Medidata Clinical Cloud:

SensorLink: a regulatory-compliant data ingestion platform for biosensors and wearables.

  • Access to over 400 consumer and medical grade sensors
  • Summary views in Medidata Rave® and raw data streams for detailed analyses  
  • Visualization dashboards for patient compliance and data quality

AppConnect: an SDK built to integrate apps within the Medidata Clinical Cloud

  • Developers can build front-end mobile apps while Medidata manages back-end data flow
  • Flexibility to gather and process data from nearly any app
  • Compatibility with Apple ResearchKit

ePRO: a mobile app that collects responses to questionnaires and diaries

  • Text- and scale-based questionnaires configured easily in Rave without tedious custom development
  • Implementation model delivered as full-service or fully enabled
  • Available on both iOS and Android systems

In addition to providing superior data collection technology/capability, Medidata Patient Cloud provides services that support and enrich the lifecycle of an mHealth trial - allowing you the support and expertise you need for a robust digital strategy.

Service Offerings

  • Medidata provides professional services throughout the lifecycle of the trial to support your mHealth trials
  • mHealth Consulting - Build your digital strategy
  • Sensor Selection - Identify the best devices 
  • Device Services - Global device provisioning and 24x7 customer support 
  • Site & User Training - Improve compliance and data quality by training your sites and patients
  • Instrument Migration & Translation - Move your paper surveys to ePRO
  • Custom Analytics - Study-specific data analytics supporting trial requirements 

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