Patient Cloud ePRO for Clinical Trials

Take ePRO in clinical trials to new places

Why is so much patient-reported outcome (PRO) data still gathered on paper? Because traditional ePRO remains too expensive and complicated for the simple PRO needs of many clinical studies.

Medidata Patient Cloud ePRO is the mobile app that takes ePRO in clinical trials to new places. Patients report information directly from their mobile devices into the Medidata Clinical Cloud.

Medidata Patient Cloud ePRO in clinical trials:

  • Reduces study risk.  Capturing better and more current patient data on devices patients already use mitigates a broad range of study risks—including regulatory risk, patient compliance and adverse events. 
  • Accelerates study timeline.  Patient Cloud ePRO speeds database lock by eliminating the time-consuming data cleansing of paper-based PROs. And with less statistical variance, you need fewer patients—reducing your recruitment window.
  • Lowers development costs.  Patient Cloud ePRO eliminates the many costs incurred from paper-based PROs, and informs earlier go/no-go and adaptive trial decisions. And without custom programming or devices, Patient Cloud ePRO is more cost-effective than traditional ePRO in clinical trials.