Patient Cloud

Patient Cloud

Patient Cloud

The unified platform that captures data from mobile apps, wearable sensors and ePRO to accelerate patient centric clinical research.

The solution to your mHealth-enabled trials

Medidata Patient Cloud® is a comprehensive and regulatory compliant mobile health (mHealth) solution that accelerates patient-centric clinical research. Patient Cloud enables sponsors to use sensors and apps that capture a richer, more complete dataset directly from the patient, improving the clinical trial experience on the Medidata Clinical Cloud.

Patient Cloud offers unprecedented visibility into the patient journey and experience, providing researchers a clearer, more nuanced picture of a therapy’s safety and efficacy. Patient Cloud incorporates technologies for patient data capture and services that help propel sponsors’ mHealth studies.

SensorLink: a regulatory-compliant data ingestion platform for biosensors and wearables.

  • Access to over 400 consumer and medical grade sensors
  • Summary views in Medidata Rave® and raw data streams for detailed analyses
  • Visualization dashboards for patient compliance and data quality

AppConnect: an SDK built to integrate apps within the Medidata Clinical Cloud

  • Developers can build front-end mobile apps while Medidata manages back-end data flow
  • Flexibility to gather and process data from nearly any app
  • Compatibility with Apple ResearchKit 

ePRO: a mobile app that collects responses to questionnaires and diaries

  • Text- and scale-based questionnaires configured easily in Rave without tedious custom development
  • Implementation model delivered as full-service or fully enabled
  • Available on both iOS and Android systems

In addition to providing superior data collection technology/capability, Medidata Patient Cloud provides services that support and enrich the lifecycle of an mHealth trial - allowing you the support and expertise you need for a robust digital strategy.


Service Offerings

Medidata provides professional services throughout the lifecycle of the trial to support your mHealth trials

  • mHealth Consulting - Build your digital strategy
  • Sensor Selection - Identify the best devices
  • Device Services - Global device provisioning and 24x7 customer support
  • Site & User Training - Improve compliance and data quality by training your sites and patients
  • Instrument Migration & Translation - Move your paper surveys to ePRO
  • Custom Analytics - Study-specific data analytics supporting trial requirements

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