Edge Strategic Monitoring

A Game-Changing Milestone for the Life Sciences Industry.

Developed across 3 continents over the course of 2 years, this solution is one of the most transformational product suites the industry has seen in years.

Edge Strategic Monitoring is a data-centric platform for monitoring clinical trials. Our integrated platform enables customers to ingest, store, monitor, and manage all types of clinical trial data centrally including drug supply, imaging, ePRO, mHealth, and central lab data.

Edge Strategic Monitoring integrates our CTMS solution (Site Monitoring / Issue Management), with our advanced analytics solution (Patient Profiles / CSA) and a brand-new product (Risk Assessment and Planning Solution) to create a seamless platform that enables our customers to transform their businesses and ensure compliance with the new ICH E6 (R2) GCP guidelines.


Medidata Strategic Monitoring injects intelligence at the start of the monitoring process. The combination of a master data platform and the industry’s best analytics solution, CSA, provides the ability to visualize data and identify risks at the patient, site, regional and study levels.


Once risks are observed, our Strategic Monitoring platform provides a collaborative workspace where global, cross-functional teams work together to correct and prevent risks before they impact clinical trial outcomes.


Build your monitoring around intelligence and collaboration and create a streamlined process, allowing you to allocate resources more strategically. With Medidata Strategic Monitoring, you will save time, energy, and money for the risks that truly matter.

This the power of an integrated eClinical platform. This is Edge Strategic Monitoring.

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