Edge Patient Profiles

Medidata Edge Patient Profiles is redefining patient oversight to enable safety and medical reviews of patient-level critical data. Delivering better data quality one patient at a time.

Redefining Patient Oversight

Create patient stories that speak to you. Users are given the ability to visualize actual study data while designing profiles to see how the design is taking shape.  Patient Profiles provides patient-level data chronologically aligned with visit dates; while setting conditions to highlight and flag important patients and events.

Features and Benefits

Enable better patient safety and data quality with a holistic overview of patient data

  • Have the flexibility to add footnotes to tables, change variable names & use color to highlight areas of interest.
  • Enable better patient safety and data quality with a holistic overview of patient data

Make informed and timely decisions with deeper clinical and medical insights

  • Use color-coded and highlighted tabular and graphical data in profile designs that you can build/modify without any programming for faster and more accurate case reviews
  • Data flows easily from Rave and external sources into the profile.  The data refresh is easy & quick and while setting up a profile can be done in minutes.

Augment patient narratives with customized patient profiles for key patients and events

  • Design, populate and export a completed Patient Profiles in PDF format and share as needed.



All sources of patient data: All in one place

Patient Profiles leverages Medidata Enterprise Data Store (MEDS) for high quality, up-to-date, study data.





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