Rave Commercial Imaging





お客様のチームは Rave Commercial Imaging を介して、医用画像と症例記録への迅速なアクセス、写真や他の被験者情報の安全かつ規制に遵守した形での交換、ライブビデオによる共同作業、完全な術前計画管理機能を提供することで、医師の日常的な業務において中心的役割を果たすことができるようになります。これらはすべて、あらゆるネットワーク、あらゆるデバイスでご利用になれます。

詳しくは、medicalimaging.works/commercial をご覧ください。

Features and Benefits

Rave Commercial Imaging Workflow Management: Reduces human error by automating the complex image transfer, edit checking and distribution process

  • Agnostic image modality acquisition with optional de-identification capability
  • Customizable workflows with dynamic edit checks
  • Unrivaled PACS network with 650+ existing connections

Real Time Video Collaboration: Live video collaboration with KOL and/or SME network  on any mobile device

  • Secure, real-time collaboration among sales/field team and/or network of their KOLs and SMEs
  • Provides opportunity for improved case preparedness

Secured Messaging: A mobile app that provides field/sales staff a HIPAA compliant means to safely message and communicate information that may contain sensitive patient data

  • HIPAA Compliant means of communication between all team members
  • Configurable to individual company branding
  • Option to store communication record

Medical Imaging Commercial Solutions enables:

Preoperative Planning - Evaluate and qualify patients prior to surgery using our desktop and mobile solutions. Eliminates travel time to sites and increases collaboration and compliance.

Custom Device Manufacturing - Acquire medical images and other clinical data, as well as manage the approval workflows, to facilitate custom device manufacturing.

Proctoring Portals - Manage the collaboration, pre-surgical planning, and proctor assignment for all surgical cases requiring a physician proctor including image reviews and feedback.

Patient Qualification - Utilize the Medidata Medical Imaging platform to acquire medical images and clinical data and present to a screening committee or individual physicians.

Tele-Medicine - Power all tele-medicine activities on a single platform including medical image exchange, live video consults, clinical data collaboration, and more.

General Image Sharing - Securely exchange medical images between sites and eliminate the need to burn CDs. Includes web uploads, direct from PACS DICOM pushes, and HL7 capabilities.