Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Re-engineering Clinical Trial Image Management

The use of medical imaging in clinical trials is growing rapidly. Roughly 50% of all clinical trials use medical imaging as an endpoint or for eligibility criteria. And in therapeutic areas like oncology, nearly all trials rely on medical imaging.

Unfortunately, processes and systems for managing medical images in clinical trials have not advanced. Many sites and core labs still ship CDs and film – an antiquated process that is timely, costly and labor intensive. Conventional electronic delivery systems, focus only on image delivery and simply digitize the manual process. Thus the workflow is still manually intensive and these systems don’t address key management issues like; image de-identification and edit checks during image acquisition nor the process for blinded reviews and adjudication. Further, these systems often cannot manage large, complex datasets effectively.. In the end, conventional electronic systems introduce similar pain points as manual shipments.

Medidata Medical Imaging is changing the way the industry thinks about imaging in clinical trials. Our system’s intelligent workflows simplify image and data collection and provide automatic edit checks and de-identifcation. The system automates the distribution and review process after image upload, per your protocol design. What does this mean for you? Our system’s structured approach to image submission simplifies workflow and improves efficiency, to reduce the time and cost associated with image management and increase data quality and confidence.

Medidata Medical Imaging’s Benefits Compared to CDs And Film

  • Automated Image De-Identification
  • Less Expensive
  • Secure and Compliant
  • Real-Time Imaging Protocol Checks
  • Real-time Collaboration

Medidata Medical Imaging’s Benefits Compared to Conventional Electronic Systems

  • Intelligent: Configurable workflows, imaging protocol edit checks, and image de-identification
  • Lab agnostic: Able to integrate with any core lab team or network without customization
  • Scalable: Used in 5,000+ global locations with nearly 30,000 registered users

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