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독창적인 과학과 비즈니스 통찰을 바탕으로 업무를 자동화하며 협업과 장점을 극대화합니다


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MEDS(Medidata Enterprise Data Store)와 완벽하게 통합된 통합 플랫폼으로 혁신을 기할 수 있습니다


Rave Data Capture and Management

Clinical research is becoming more complex with the explosion of data sources captured in clinical trials and the increased use of adaptive, master protocol and virtual trials. Medidata’s Rave Data Capture & Management product suite powers clinical trials of the future by automating many of the most challenging data management workflows across randomization, supply, coding, and safety.
Trial Planning and Management , Medidata Clinical Cloud

Edge Trial Planning and Management

The Edge Trial Planning & Management suite solves for the patient scarcity and operational complexity that today’s targeted therapies create. Powered by the Medidata Enterprise Data Store (MEDS), Edge provides cross-sponsor benchmarks to optimize protocol design, site feasibility, and site grants. Edge also automates site payments and modernizes study management with full ICH E6 (R2) GCP Compliance and automation of TMF’s.
Medidata Enterprise Data Store


The MEDS & AI for Data and Intelligence Management suite embeds actionable intelligence into every component of clinical development, powering both the Rave and Edge suite of products. MEDS is the largest cross-sponsor Operational and Clinical Data Repository ever assembled. MEDS & AI leverages benchmarking, machine learning, natural language processing, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics.