Rave Commercial Imaging

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메디컬 이미징 및 사례별 메모에 대한 신속한 접속, 안전하고 규제 준수적인 사진/기타 환자 정보 교환, 실시간 화상 협업, 그리고 철저한 수술 전 계획 관리를 제공하여, 메디데이터 메디컬 이미징(Medidata Medical Imaging)은 귀사의 팀을 의사들의 일상 업무에서 필수적인 부분이 되게 합니다. 모든 네트워크와 기기에서 운용 가능합니다.

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Features and Benefits

Medical Imaging Workflow Management: Reduces human error by automating the complex image transfer, edit checking and distribution process

  • Agnostic image modality acquisition with optional de-identification capability
  • Customizable workflows with dynamic edit checks
  • Unrivaled PACS network with 650+ existing connections

Real Time Video Collaboration: Live video collaboration with KOL and/or SME network  on any mobile device

  • Secure, real-time collaboration among sales/field team and/or network of their KOLs and SMEs
  • Provides opportunity for improved case preparedness

Secured Messaging: A mobile app that provides field/sales staff a HIPAA compliant means to safely message and communicate information that may contain sensitive patient data

  • HIPAA Compliant means of communication between all team members
  • Configurable to individual company branding
  • Option to store communication record

Medical Imaging Commercial Solutions enables:

Preoperative Planning - Evaluate and qualify patients prior to surgery using our desktop and mobile solutions. Eliminates travel time to sites and increases collaboration and compliance.

Custom Device Manufacturing - Acquire medical images and other clinical data, as well as manage the approval workflows, to facilitate custom device manufacturing.

Proctoring Portals - Manage the collaboration, pre-surgical planning, and proctor assignment for all surgical cases requiring a physician proctor including image reviews and feedback.

Patient Qualification - Utilize the Medidata Medical Imaging platform to acquire medical images and clinical data and present to a screening committee or individual physicians.

Tele-Medicine - Power all tele-medicine activities on a single platform including medical image exchange, live video consults, clinical data collaboration, and more.

General Image Sharing - Securely exchange medical images between sites and eliminate the need to burn CDs. Includes web uploads, direct from PACS DICOM pushes, and HL7 capabilities.

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